Engadget readers can get $150 off Segway’s Kickscooter Max at Wellbots

One of the best scooters you can buy gets a sizable discount.

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Engadget readers can get $150 off Segway’s Kickscooter Max at Wellbots

If you’re looking for a way to expand your mobility options through the pandemic, look no further. Wellbots is offering a special discount on the Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max only for Engadget readers. Typically you can expect to pay $799 for the e-scooter, but if you use the code “ENGADGET150” at checkout, you’ll get $150 off, making it a more approachable $649. That’s a more sizeable upfront saving than the last time Wellbots discounted the commuter device.

Buy Segway Kickscooter Max at Wellbots - $649

The Kickscooter Max is one of the more feature-rich scooters Segway makes. The company claims the built-in battery will get you 40 miles on a single charge, and that the scooter can handle 20 percent inclines. With fast charging support, it will only take you about six hours to charge its battery between long rides. Both the casing and internal components are protected by IPX5-rated waterproofing, so it can get you through the occasional downpour safely. Another nice feature is that it includes self-healing tires, which makes those dreaded punctures less of an issue. All of those make the Kickscooter Max one of the better scooters you can buy at the moment.

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