‘What the Golf’ is coming to the Nintendo Switch on May 21st

It will include a new split-screen, two-player party mode.


The hilarious, physics-based pseudo-golf game What the Golf is making its way to the Nintendo Switch later this month. The game was initially released in September on Apple Arcade and Windows, and won the 2020 Game Developers Choice Award for the best mobile game, so it will likely be a welcome addition to the hybrid console’s library. The Switch version will come with a new competitive party mode for side-by-side gameplay, and will make use of the console’s touch screen and gyroscope.

What the Golf takes the basic concepts of golf and twists them into silly and surprising mini-games that barely even resemble the sport. The characters -- which include a toaster and a penguin wearing a hamburger suit -- are adorable, too. Gamers who haven’t tried it yet and like what they see in the trailer may want to pre-order the game to save 25 percent on the standard $20 price. The game will be out on May 21st via the Nintendo Switch eShop.