X now lets you restrict replies to verified accounts only

It's currently available regardless of your verification status.

Steve Dent for Engadget

Another day, another X update that limits what you can do on the site without paying Elon Musk for a verification checkmark. A post from the official X account announced that you can now restrict replies to just verified users — any tagged accounts can also comment. The new restriction is available whether you're verified or not, joining the existing options to allow replies from everyone, only accounts you follow or people mentioned.

Musk launched what is now X Premium in November 2022 — only a few weeks after becoming the company's official owner — providing anyone with a blue checkmark by their name for $8 per month or $84 per year. Verification was initially available on Twitter to confirm the identity of notable figures, but the paid system led to impersonations and the approval of bots.

Many X Premium users have been shamed for choosing to fork over money for a checkmark and additional features like editing a post for up to an hour and cutting ads in half. As a result, X rolled out the option to hide that once-coveted checkmark and limit other users' awareness of your subscription status. Of course, visible verification or not, now anyone who replies to a restricted post will be outed as a subscriber.