Xbox Series S leak reveals $299 price

It's expected to be a cheaper disc-less option for Xbox gamers.

Brad Sams

Update: The leaks were true: Microsoft has confirmed the Xbox Series S will cost $299 and deliver “next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever.”

Back in mid-August, the packaging of what appeared to be a controller for the Xbox Series S was leaked online, pretty much confirming the existence of Microsoft’s long—rumored cheaper next-gen console. Now, we may already know what the device looks like, thanks to another leak by Brad Sams. The photo render shows a white console that looks similar to (but not exactly like) the Xbox Series X, along with the controller we saw last month. It doesn’t seem to have a disc drive, but we won’t know for sure until we see more images or hear more about it.

The leak also puts the cheaper console’s price at $299, making it a more appealing option for parents buying gifts for their kids this holiday season — assuming it’s coming out this year, that is. As Sams noted in his report, that means the One X could set buyers back around $599 when it arrives in November. According to the rumors about the Series S that started circulating way back last year, Microsoft is developing the disc-less console under the codename “Lockhart.” It will reportedly be capable of 1080p and 1440p gaming, as well as a smaller RAM and a less powerful CPU than the Series X.

A Twitter user by the name WalkingCat has also published a short video showing the Series S and the Series X together. As you can see, the Series S may be much smaller than its more expensive sibling.