Y-Brush shows off a concept for its second-generation, uh, Y-shaped toothbrush

It's a beefier retainer-shaped toothbrush.


It’s been the better part of two years since Y-Brush started shipping, offering people a different way to clean their teeth. The retainer-shaped device is filled with nylon bristles which you put into your mouth, promising to sanitize your chompers in just 10 seconds. Now, at CES 2022, the company is showing off the concept for its second-generation device that’ll offer a lot more than its predecessor ever did.

The new Y-Brush concept has bristles on both sides of the retainer, meaning that users don’t need to pull the device out and flip it over to do the bottom half of their mouths. Instead, you’ll just need to move it to the sides a bit to ensure perfect coverage. More importantly, however, is that rather than just one program, this proposed new model will offer six vibration modes, including Gum Care, Whitening and Polishing.

A beefier base both enables inductive charging and helps reduce toppling while sat on the countertop, while a companion app will help you set different programs based on your brushing habits. Although given that the whole point of this thing is to shove in your mouth and not do much at all, we’re not sure how useful that would be.

For now, this second-generation Y-Brush is little more than a concept that the company wants to show off here at CES. But the thought is that this initial idea can be refined ready for the second-generation Brush, whenever that turns up.

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