YouTube can tell you to stop watching and go to sleep

A bedtime reminder feature is available on iPhone and Android as of today.

DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Perhaps now more than ever, it's all too easy to get sucked into the bottomless well of YouTube, watching autoplaying videos for hours on end until you realize it's well past your typical bedtime. In an expansion of its screen time management and digital wellness features, YouTube will let you set a bedtime reminder to help you avoid disrupting your sleep routine too much by watching later than you should.

You can pick start and end times in the settings menu and decide whether you want your bedtime reminder to pop up during a video, or wait until it's finished. And if you change your mind and want to keep watching another video (or ten), you can dismiss the reminder.

YouTube has added a number of digital wellness-focused features over the last couple of years. They include ways to see your average daily viewing stats and total watch time for the past week, a single daily digest of video notifications, scheduled reminders to take a break and an option to disable notification sounds and vibrations during a certain period each day. The bedtime reminder, the latest such effort, is available starting today on iPhone and Android. YouTube will roll it out to everyone across the next few days.