The Eyetop Centra


Even though Sony already tried this with the Glasstron (and failed), wearable display maker Eyetop is launch their latest product, the Centra, next month. As you'd expect, the Centra has the videoscreen and stereo headphones which are integrated into a pair of wraparound sunglasses that jacks into any AV output (be it laptop, portable DVD player, PDA, etc). While we're dubious of their claims that the Centra is somehow "fashion-forward" (read: a little less Borg and a little more Oakley than it's predecessors), you'll be hard pressed to find the cool kids wearing these. On the other hand, you'll finally be able to watch a DVD on a plane without the freeloader in the seat next to yours stealing glances, and the fact that it can double as a fancy a camcorder viewfinder makes it a natural fit for the next time you're making a Girls Gone Wild video at Mardi Gras.