How not to steal a Cadillac


A quick note to anyone thinking about stealing a car: you may think you're being very clever, but merely tearing off the automobile's XM satellite radio antenna does nothing to disable its OnStar tracking system:

Police caught the two people who stole a car from Broome Oldsmobile in Independence Saturday because they failed to disable the OnStar tracking system in the vehicle. David Clutts, the executive manager of the dealership, said the two stole the 2004 Cadillac Saturday morning, but police found them later in the afternoon. The suspects had ripped out the XM antenna thinking that would deactivate the system, but they failed. Police tracked the car and thieves, later identified as Scott Hazel, 40, Kansas City, and Catherin M. Curns, 38, Kansas City, to Merriam, Kan.