The Phatch - Seiko's Bluetooth watchphone?

Phatch Seiko Bluetooth watchphone

Can't tell if this is legit or not, but Seiko is supposedly working on the "Phatch" (and if it's real, they're going to have to work on the name, too), a watchphone with built-in Bluetooth that you use with a Bluetooth headset. So far no one has actually been able to come out with a watchphone this small, and we're a little skeptical that this is for real, since besides the problems inherent in squeezing a cellphone radio into something that small, you'd still have to find space for a battery large enough that wouldn't need to be recharged every couple of hours. But to be honest, at this point we'd settle for a regular watch with Bluetooth (and no phone) that we could sync with a handheld or a PC. Seiko was supposed to come out with one a few years back, but it has yet to surface.