EXCLUSIVE: Pics of Motorola's new i930 Smartphone


While the rest of the gadget world was looking at the MPX and MPX 220, Motorola snuck out the i930 for the folks at JavaOne. We went to the show expecting the same old story and the same old phones, so we left the good camera at home. Stumbling into the Motorola booth, what's the first thing that catches our eye but the long rumored Microsoft Smartphone for iDen networks like Nextel.

i930 closedAs expected not only will this be iDen's first smartphone, it will also be the first iDen phone to have a camera. Motorola didn't tell us the resolution but we know it's VGA or less or else they would have made special mention. It's also the first iDen phone we've seen (possibly the first Microsoft Smartphone we've seen) to have a HUGE external display. It's gigantic, and color. Like all iDen phones it has Push-to-Talk, Java, and aGPS. sadly, like other iDen phones, it lacks Bluetooth or IR. It looks to be running Smartphone 2003 second edition, which seemed pretty stable on the model we tried, but there's still no word on when this handset will be launched.

UPDATE: Just got this from a tipster who wishes to remain anonymous: "Actually, the i930 will be the second iDEN camera phone. There will be an i860 released before the i930 that is almost identical to the current i830, but with a camera. The Nextel MMS implementation is just about ready to roll out to all markets."