Creative prepping wireless MP3 player


Creative, the company behind all that seemingly endless series of Nomad Zen MP3 players , is set to drop a new wireless player on us. If you're hoping for something with WiFi or Bluetooth in there, you're gonna be sorely disappointed, because they're going with Aura Communications' near-field technology, which uses magnetic induction rather than radio frequency to transmit sound (and they swear the magnets won't mess with your hard drive). The range is only about 2 meters, but that's far enough to connect it up to a pair of wireless headphones (Aura already sells wireless cellphone headsets), and the big advantage with using magnetic induction is that you'll be able to get headphones with a battery life of 20 hours rather than the five or six hours that stereo Bluetooth headphones get these days (which is shorter than the life of pretty much every player out there).