Watch this Wednesday: The Decision Maker Watch by OVO

watch this wednesday

Last week on "Watch this Wednesday" we stepped to it with the Suunto n3i SPOT watch. With all these watches to choose from it might be difficult to decide which gadget watch is the right one for you. Luckily there's a watch that can help, The Decision Maker Watch by OVO.

watch this wednesday

What it is:

The Decision Maker Watch by OVO ?boots? up and pretends to be a full featured PC, scans for viri, RAM, etc.. but it?s actually a watch that just helps you make decisions.

Why we like it: Not only will it answer your deepest most important YES/NO questions with a spin of the dial and flashing LEDs, it will also tell you which direction to go if you?re lost. Who needs GPS!

Where to get it and how much: We picked up ours for $40 from TokyoFlash, sometimes they?re sold out, so eBay might be your best bet. Or at least that?s what our watch told us.