AMD's Personal Internet Communicator brings the Internet to the people


Not a week after Ballmer was saying that software piracy would peter out if PCs were $100 commodities, AMD busts it out on us with their reference design for the Personal Internet Communicator, or PIC. Aimed at Latin and Indian nations where the dollas ain't so heavy on the intake, the PC features a 366MHz AMD Geode x86, 128MB RAM, 10GB drive, USB, 56k modem, a host of Internet-centric software, and Windows CE with XP-extensions (for XP app compatibility), which apparently enables the little sucker to boot in 25 seconds (which is way faster than our 3.0GHz workstations we got up in this joint). Not that you'd be interested in getting one (if they're even ever made available in the US, that is), but they're going to go for $250 with monitor and $185 without. Computers for one and all, comrades!