Federal Air Marshalls want inflight cellphones


FederalNewsRadio.com says that the FCC isn't reconsidering its ban on inflight cellphone calls because they want to make the average flier happy (or unhappy as the case may be), they're doing it at the behest of the  Federal Air Marshalls, who have specifically asked the FCC to reconsider things. Why? Because apparently air marshalls use a "wireless telephone equipped, super-PDA that can transmit crucial, real-time intel anywhere in the world within seconds" (which we're betting is just a BlackBerry), and they've asked the FCC to change the rules because they want to be able to use those "super-PDAs" during flights. Best part: rather than have the government build some complicated wireless network to make that happen, they figured it'd just be easier to have the airlines and the carriers do it and just piggyback on that. When did the Feds even start thinking like that?