Forget that in-flight cellphone ban: WiFi + VoIP means you can still annoy your fellow passengers

airline cabin

You know, even if the Federales never ease up a little and start letting people use their cellphones midair, there's still a very good chance that sooner or later you'll have to listen to some foolio seated next to you yapping away for the entire flight. Why? WiFi. You might not be able to whip out your Nokia anytime soon, but you can already get in-flight wireless Internet access right here and now, and since all you'll need is a laptop and fast enough connection, you'll be able to make free/cheap Voice over IP calls for as long as you'd like. And even if they do allow you to use your cellie to make calls, the roaming charges will probably be so crazy that a lot of people (especially business travelers) will want to use VoIP anyway. Oren Michels over at on GigaOm thinks it'll be a big boost for Skype, but really, any softphone based VoIP service will do just nicely.