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The Apple iPod Shuffle

Ryan Block, @ryan

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iPod Shuffle

Guess that explains the shuffle banner! So we also got you hooked up on the new iPod Shuffle, too: their new flash based player, as we just found out, will come in 512MB and 1GB sizes (for $99 and $149, respectively), and can act as a USB 2.0 mass-storage device by taking off the cap on the bottom. (Hasn't Apple learned anything about flash drives with caps?) It will have have no display as you can see (we're on the fence about this), but it is interfaced with simple  play/pause, volume up/down, track foward/back buttons, and a slider on the rear that engages the player and plays songs in order or shuffled. In that little 3.3 x 0.33 x 0.98-inch package you've also got a USB-rechargeable 12-hour battery. The whole thing weighs 0.78 ounces, and is shipping now, yo. Not too shabby for a flash player!

iPod Shuffle
Do not eat iPod shuffle.

Thanks, guys. We?ll make sure not to do that.

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