AT&T might still relaunch AT&T Wireless

at&T wireless logo

There are a lot of unanswered questions related to SBC's proposed purchase of AT&T, but the one we've been wondering about is how all this might affect AT&T's plan to create a new wireless service under the AT&T Wireless brand name (they retained rights to the name after AT&T Wireless was gobbled up by Cingular). They had been planning to lease network capacity from Sprint for the relaunched AT&T Wireless, but since SBC owns 60% of Cingular it seems a little unlikely that that is going to happen. We'd have guessed that the plan will be quietly shelved, but apparently there is a good chance that they will proceed, just using Cingular's network instead of Sprint's. So basically the brand name formerly used by AT&T Wireless, which was bought by Cingular, might be revived by former parent company AT&T, which is probably going to merge with Cingular's parent company, SBC. This won't be confusing at all …

[Via PhoneScoop]