Exactly how wireless is the Xbox 2/360 going to get?

Xbox 360

Our ever-alert sister site, Joystiq, has pointed out a rather interesting question in a recent MechAssault 2 gamers' survey. Here, we'll give it to you straight:

"It is important that the next videogame system I purchase connects to my TV wirelessly."   

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Strongly Agree          Strongly Disagree"

Okay, where to start. So we all know wireless is the (next) big thing, and that the Xbox 360 is supposed to have wireless controllers, and even be capable of acting as a wireless hub on your WiFi network—so we can assume RF (or Bluetooth) and WiFi right there. But what the hell is up with Microsoft asking a question like that? Are they considering a wireless media-link kind of system between the box and the TV? And if they are, we're not even going to get started on what sort of craziness you'll be able to pull with that. But the fact is, we don't know what they're getting at, and while we don't appreciate this kind of vagueness, it's not too late for them to make the 360 a single switch-tripping light-up cable kind of system, otherwise totally wireless. By the way if you're listening Microsoft, the Engadget answer to the above question is, oh, say 3 or 4.