Flower Robotics Inc.'s Palette robo-mannequin

robo mannequin

What's the biggest problem with mannequins (besides the fact that they don't come to life—right? Right?)? Well, for starters, they don't move. Unless, of course, you have a Tatsuya Matsui mannequin, made by Flower Robotics Inc. Their robo-mannequins (la femme is named Palette) not only moves, but pays attention to where consumers are positioned, and poses so as to strike their attention; the robots also use cameras and software to collect aggregate data by judging consumers' age, sex, and shopping habits. Thankfully, they're juuust sub-creepy as they aren't expected to be sold with faces—that would just be freakout overkill, being watched and monitored by the glassy eyes of robotic fashion sentinels.