i-Cybie robot dog unleashed


Awwww, c'mon, you know we couldn't resist that one. Continuing the recent trend in robotic pooches, Outrageous Toys International is launching a mechanical mutt that hopes to give the AIBO some canine competition. The i-Cybie does some typical doggie moves such as sit, stand, shake and lie down, as well as using its robotic brain to respond based on how it's treated: praise it and the dog will be in a good mood, but scold it and i-Cybie will behave more passively. Sensors throughout its body help prevent it from bumping into things, and enable i-Cybie to be sensitive to light changes. As if to kill us with cuteness, when it's getting low on batteries the dog will go into the "downward-facing dog" yoga pose to let you know it needs recharging. We're pretty sure that makes i-Cybie the only robot dog at home in an ashram. Available in July starting at $199.

[Thanks, eric]