TiVo and Comcast talking yet again?

Tivo small logo happy

So a while back there had been some ongoing flirtation between TiVo and Comcast, but it all came crashing down when TiVo got cold feet at the last minute and backed out of the deal. Things were starting to look very bleak for TiVo, particularly after two senior executives called it quits, so we had no choice (believe us, it hurt us more than it hurt you) but to start the TiVo Deathwatch. Lo and behold, though — apparently TiVo and Comcast are back in a heated snogfest of negotiations. Neither side had any confirmations to make on this (too absorbed in the heavy petting, likely), but when we see the "advanced talks" euphemism trotted out, a person can potentially get hopeful, here. What we want to know is, when will the twain stop making like a volatile high school romance and just up and get a room already?