Napster DRM cracked for real?

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Ok, we're going to have to preface all of this by saying that Janus/Windows Media DRM 10, the DRM used for Napster To Go has NOT been cracked, but reportedly Cody Brocious (one of DVD Jon's partners-in-hacking), along with a few friends, is very close to releasing a utility that will let people strip out the encryption Napster uses to protect WMA files downloaded using their Napster Light and Napster Premium services. They're claim that they've been able to entirely remove the DRM from songs (i.e. that this isn't simply a sound card workaround), and that they're combining this with the work they've done on PyMusique into an interface called Musik that'll let you access both the iTunes Music Store and Napster's online music store from computers running non-supported OSes.