Engadget Podcast 028 - 05.16.2005

Podcast - Cat Schwartz

The Engadget podcast rolls into Los Angeles for E3; in this week's episode we chat with Cat Schwartz about the craziness that will be this week's E3 gaming show, last week's unveiling of the Xbox 360 on MTV, the return of the broadcast flag, JD Lasica's interview with Steve Heiner from Nikon, our visit to NYU's ITP Spring show, the introduction of Windows Mobile 5.0, F-Secure's confirmation that your cellphone can't infect your car with a virus, Yahoo!'s new Yahoo! Music Unlimited service, Samsung's new A800 2-megapixel cameraphone, and a look ahead at a couple of this week's non-gaming related announcements.

Hosts: Ryan Block and Peter Rojas
Guest: Cat Schwartz

49:02, 11.1MB, MP3

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We've added time codes in the following list and links to the stories or references.


00:20- Xbox 360 Revealed
03:50- Sony PlayStation 3 unveiling
07:40- Nintendo Revolution unveiling
11:00- Broadcast flag: the resurrection, or, NABbing Congress
14:00- The Engadget Interview - Steve Heiner from Nikon
18:10- NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program Spring 2005 Show
20:45- Google's acquisition of Dodgeball
21:40- Windows Mobile 5.0 comes alive
26:00- F-Secure debunks car mobile phone virus myth
28:20- Yahoo! Music Unlimited launches
34:45- Sony's Vaio VGN-T350
40:20- First two megapixel cameraphone hits the US, the Samsung A800
42:30- The LifeDrive drops this week
45:15- Archos AV700 coming soon?
46:00- Cat Schwartz at E3

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