They Live

For the last Movie Gadget Friday Josie Fraser checked out the Invisible Jet from Wonder Woman. For this week's installment she looks at the reality revealing sunglasses from They Live:

They Live

John Carpenter made his only kids movie, They Live, in 1988. Nada, an unemployed construction worker/wrestler comes into town looking for a job and the American dream, resplendent in his every-man mullet and check shirt combo. Following some curious police brutality, Nada stumbled upon what looks at first sight like a pair of low prop budget plastic sunglasses. They look pretty slick to him. After putting them on though, the world becomes a very different place - the innocent Nada finds himself living in a heterosexist, capitalist psychogeographical nightmare of Kruger-like proportions. Billboards urge him to get married, go to church and obey. Money turns into blank pieces of paper bearing the legend THIS IS YOUR GOD. Certain individuals turn out not to be nation loving Americans but parasitical aliens.

Before long, he is all out of patience and bubblegum.


Movie Gadget Friday: The reality revealing sunglasses from They Live