Dog Bio-Security Systems: collars that text you alerts

Dog Bio-Security System

You know we love Aibo, but we can appreciate some of the finer points of having a flesh and blood dog, and it isn't just taking it on long poopwalks and having intimate meetings with every fire hydrant and street sign on the block. No, we're talking about the level of home protection only a Shih Tsu can provide. So if you've already gotten your dog the Dog-e-Tag, SNIF, or The Fido, you might also consider Bio Sense Technologies' new DBS (Dog Bio-Security System) collar, which supposedly detects the anxiety and urgency of barks, and translates and communicates to a base system which sends SMS alert messages. The video is a little janky and doesn't exactly leave us convinced, but what's the worst that could happen? You don't get a text message you wouldn't have gotten anyway?

[Via textually]