First deets on Archos's Gmini 402, Gmini 500, and AV500

Archos Gmini 400

Well, looks like the Gmini 402's pretty much official—and with a sweet 1.2 megapixel camera, no less. According to French news site, we can expect the device in 20 and 40GB flavors of the device, in addition to USB-On-The-Go (USB Host) functionality for moving around all those files. But wait, there's more. Lots more:

  • There's apparently also a Gmini 500 planned, which is a device to be squarely aimed at  Samsung and Creative's PMC lineups—easy targets at this point, if we may say so. The Gmini 500 will come in 40 and 100GB sizes, and have either a 5 or 15 hour battery (at the expense of thickness on the latter, of course)—we anticipate a larger screen, video in, and a host of other features, but we don't have any solid details yet.

  • The AV500 (not to be confused with the PMA430, which once went by the same name for a brief stint) will show up as the successor to the AV400, with a 0.5-inch larger screen (that's 4-inches, people!), and a 30 or 100GB drive. Yowza!

  • The AV700 has a slew of add-ons exected, such as a camera attachment, and amusingly enough, a head-rest mount, presumably for ya'll peeps who haven't already pimped that '84 Datsun.

  • One other thing: there was mention of a device called the LDC400, which would have Bluetooth in some capacity or another. No details there yet, but we'll keep you in the know.