Happy Blog Day 2005!

BlogDay2005I think we do our share in linking out to original stories, but we're going to go one step further today because it's (are you sitting down.....good): Blog Day 2005! The idea of blog day is to link out and share five blogs that you recommend. In the spirit of Blog Day 2005, here are five blogs I hit and recommend you do too:

JKOnTheRun: A mobile technology must-read.
SkypeJournal: I practically LIVE on Skype!
ProBlogger: Great for amateur and professional bloggers alike.
TinyScreenfuls: Join Josh Bancroft as he shares all things "geek" via blog, podcast and video.
TabletPCBlogs: What can I say? I'm a Tablet junkie. This site is actually a community of tab-blogs.

I know that none of these actually relate to HDTV. That's because I get all of my HD news here, just like you do! The real reason is: you can learn much about someone by what they read or recommend. Consider this a "getting to know each other better" type of post. Hmm...I feel a group hug coming on..