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Netflix "indefinitely postpones" online movie download service

Peter Rojas

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Details are sparse, at least for the moment, but Netflix CEO Reed Hastings confirmed during an analyst call yesterday that they had "indefinitely" postponed the test launch of that new online movie download service they've been testing. Apparently they were having problems getting the studios to agree to license their content (which is exactly the problem everyone predicted they'd run into when they announced this last year). "Indefinitely postponed" is usually a euphemism for dead in the water, so unless they somehow manage to get it together, something which'll be tough since the studios haven't exactly been dying lately to license their movies to any new online services (not even Apple has been able to do it), it looks like Netflix'll be sticking to its regular DVD-rentals-by-mail biz for the foreseeable future. Oh, and anyone else notice that their partnership with TiVo has been M.I.A.?

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