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jWin JD-VD736 3.6-inch portable DVD/MP3 player

Evan Blass
jwin jd-vd736

We've never heard of electronics manufacturer jWin before, but that isn't stopping them from trying to earn a place in our travel bag with their budget-minded JD-VD736 3.6-inch portable DVD player. Kind of a small screen, we realize, but we've been known to watch 2-hour American Idol specials on our Treo 600's smaller, low-res screen, so the progressive scan jWin certainly wouldn't be untenable. Throw in MP3 CD playback, an SD/MMC slot for pics and tunes, credit card remote, and that flip-less monoblock form factor we've been seeing more of these days, and you've got a nice set of specs for $220.

[Via Chip Chick]

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