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Soundbike puts laughter on the road

Marc Perton

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If you spend much time on a bike, you know how hard it is to get motorists to take you seriously. So why bother? Instead of trying to show aggressive drivers how tough you are, how about just laughing in their faces? That seems to be the idea behind the Soundbike, a concept product designed by Jessica Thompson. The unit attaches to the rear of a bike frame, and produces peals of laughter as you pedal. The faster you go, the louder and wilder the laughter gets, until it reaches the fever-pitch of a raging lunatic as you race down hills. Okay, we dig it. But we really do like the aggression bit as well, so we're hoping for a custom version designed for New York streets that spouts obscenities, getting louder, angrier and filthier the more you pedal. That should put those cab drivers on notice.

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