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Audiovox's press event


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We hit up a press event courtesy of Audiovox earlier today and got the skinny on what they're working on other than phones -- mostly involving media integration in the car and home. A partnership with Jensen resulted in some new products in the Intellicar line of multimedia head-mount auto units. Available in March, several models feature DVD playback, iPod connectivity, Bluetooth, internet connectivity via cell or WiFi, built-in TV tuners and control via smart remote. All are navigation-ready, with a GPS built-in model available for $1299 or $999 without. A $3499 unit features identical functionality in addition to a full in-car computer setup with a 30GB hard drive (pictured above).

Next they showed off overhead drop-down DVD units for the car. One item of note was the ADV285P which features dual 8.5-inch drop-down screens so two passengers in the back seat can enjoy completely independent displays courtesy of two independent DVD players. Retailing for $1799, the ADV285P features dual wireless headsets that can swap audio channels on the fly should you decide to feign interest in what's on your neighbor's screen. Another device was a PMP that embeds right into the car's headrest, so users can have the flexibility of a portable media player able to download content from any machine that turns into a headrest media player in the car.

Up next, a bunch of devices that will utilize XM's new passport device. A complete line of consumer products from boomboxes to shelf systems to car nav systems will support XM's tiny tuner device that makes your XM subscription portable -- they'll feature ports that accept the passport module and connect the device to your XM subscription.

Last up, Audiovox shows off what they're doing in your living room with their Home Decor line. Essentially, Home Decor is a line of faux-furniture-type speakers designed to blend your audio system into the home. These acoustically transparent, high-end 5.1 surround sound speakers and speaker-casings are shaped like clocks, candle-holders, plant-holders, and even fake books when you want to give your home that special faux intellectual vibe.

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