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TiVo announces Series 3 HD TiVo, due this year


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TiVo just announced their TiVo Series 3 HD Digital Media Recorder, with dual HD recording and 300 hours of recording space. The device supports dual CableCARDs, of the 2.0 or 1.0 a variety, so either way you can get dual signals, with one 2.0 card or two 1.0 cards. Of course you can still rock the analog cable, but you'll have more fun with digital cable or ATSC over the air. You can even go for some straight up NTSC over the air and relive your snow-filled childhood memories. They're also launching an external SATA drive to hold all this HD video you're going to be PVRing now through oh-so-many sources. The new box looks good, the new remote is backlit, those snazz download capabilities are still in force, and the good times should roll this year, so all is well in TiVo fandom.

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