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Wowwee reveals next-gen Robosapien, two others

Evan Blass

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Wowwee has given PC Mag a sneak preview of three upcoming robots that will available sometime this year. Following the runaway success of the original Robosapien, the V2, Robopet, and Roboraptor comes the Robosapien RS2 Media which adds a host of new features as well as more powerful programming capabilities. The RS2 Media takes its design cues from the V2 but tacks on an LCD screen for viewing images from Robo's headcam, SD slot for capturing that data and storing scripts, and a USB 1.0 port for connecting to an MP3 player ala iZ by Zizzle. Next, Wowwee is giving Roboraptor a friend to play with (or battle) in the form of the super-agile Roboreptile, whose agressive personality warrants shipping the bot with a head cowl to calm it down (you mean they really didn't have to blow up Isla Nublar?). Finally, we'll soon see Wowwee's first collaboration with Segway, the two-wheeled, self-balancing P(ersonality)-Bot. With an LCD face and artificial feelings, P-bot promises to be the most emotive Robo-whatever to date. We'll have pics, prices, and release dates for you as soon as we break into Wowwee's suite at The Bellagio. Keep reading to see the other new members of the Roboposse...

[Props to Sascha at PC Mag for the pic hook-ups]

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