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GE's kitchen of the future showcased in Orlando

Marc Perton

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We may still be getting over CES and Macworld, but the endless cycle of trade shows goes on, and if you're into appliances, the place to be this week is Orlando, where manufacturers are showing off their gear at the Builders' Show (gee, and here we were looking for the fridges and dishwashers at CES). GE has a slick demo of a "kitchen of the future" that's heavy on voice-activated touchscreen OLED displays, sliding glass doors and integrated appliances (including a slide-out, self-cleaning cooktop). Ask "what's for breakfast?" and the system will give you a list of your available ingredients. Unfortunately, the kitchen won't cook the food for you without at least some manual intervention — and won't shop for you either, which means the response when we ask "what's for breakfast?" is going to be along the lines of leftover pizza and flat diet soda.

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