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Scam or Not?: 8GB iPod nano upgrade

My compatriot Eliot and I tried to slog around the net this morning to figure out if this 8GB nano upgrade is a fraud. We are fairly sure that this is a complete fake (helped by the eBay strangeness and lack of proof photos). However, this did bring up a bit of a conundrum.

We couldn't find pictures of the insides of any 4GB iPod nanos without daughter boards. I personally seem to recall seeing them somewhere. The daughter board versions were the first ones to get ripped open and there are quite a few pictures floating around of those. I have a plea for you, dear TUAW reader. If you have pics of the inside of a 4GB nano without a daughter board, could you email a link to them to our tip line or leave the url in the comments? You will help our quest to weed out fake iPod memory upgrades.

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