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West Virginia fully adopts Dance Dance Revolution fitness program

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Not even the first time we've seen it done, but you've got to give it up for Charleston, West Virginia -- a state heralded for its rampant obesity problem -- which went from study to practice in using Dance Dance Revolution to work that body. Last year 85 kids participated in a survey that used Dance Dance Revolution and diet changes to shed excess poundage, which apparently also went to the heads of the school administration of the state, since started a pilot program and are now rolling DDR out to all of West VA's 157 middle schools, in addition to another 753 public schools expecting it in the next three years. Take that California; just remember not to overdo it, ok kids? Safety first. Oh, and that sound you just heard? The owners of hundreds of West Virginian arcades crying out in agony.

[Via The Guardian]

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