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Apple's Mobile Me to be an MVNO?

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Of course we can't in any way, shape, or form vouch for the validity of these shots, but an anonymous tipster mailed in (and also apparently hit up our pals at TUAW with the same material) about having a friend who came over to show off his new cellphone (pictured), a one-in-fifty test unit for trying out Apple's Mobile Me service, which is apparently an Apple MVNO slated to run on Cingular and to be launched in February -- hey, that's the story, we're just passing it on. So apparently this friend heads to the throne and our tipster snaps up the friend's Samsung SGH-X497, pops off the battery, and grabs the given blurry shots of the Apple-branded SIM, which was apparently stamped with:
xx/50 Test Unit [digits written in sharpie]
Apple Computer
Internal Test MM1.3.a
Of course we've talked about an Apple MVNO since what seems like the dawn of time, but between the blurry camphone shots and how well we know Apple for sending out test units into the wild before a Stevenote goes down, well, we'll let you decide whether this thing is the real deal.

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