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British warships get iPod docks, surround sound

Evan Blass

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Here's a question for our British readers: does it bother you at all that your government is spending your tax quid on outfitting each berth in the Royal Navy's six new, £6 billion Type 45 Destroyers with iPod docks and surround sound (along with CD players and Internet access, but hey, those are obvious necessities)? The first of these new warship-cum-luxury-liners, the HMS Daring (the others are the Dauntless, Diamond, Defender, Dragon, and Duncan), left her dry dock in Glasgow today with a ceremonial send-off, complete with confetti and missle-firings. Unfortunately for the people on shore waving and watching for their loved ones, most of the crew immediately headed below deck to their mini-apartments, cranked up the Spice Girls, and began applying some bronzer in anticipation of their first party destination assignment.

[Via GigaOm]

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