When digging around on the net this week, I found more than one solution to TUAW reader/commenter Aaron Garn's need for Tetris in the Dashboard. First up is MiniTetris by Shock Widgets, a slightly laggy, really miniature tetris. Secondly I found LIFEwaves' fig-leaf-decorated over-priced, and apparently discontinued version. Lastly, I bring your attention to pakkman781's free and flash-based tetris (on which I couldn't make the audio stop: Must ... mute... sound!)

I must say that neither of this options was as pleasant to me as playing gtetrinet (no, not by myself, sheesh!). Also, listen up, would-be future Tetris-on-a-mac creators, TUAW reader/commenter Chris wants Tetris to work with Mac laptops with built-in motion detectors. So get on that, mmkay?

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