The real "HD-Era" begins Feb. 17th, 2009

President Bush and the State of the Union

Just in time for the Microsoft Xbox 720, Sony PlayStation 4, and Nintendo ON comes this announcement from the White House: Bush just signed into law a bill that mandates the end of analog broadcasts. By February 17th, 2009, all TV broadcasts must be digital.

Though digital signals can be broadcast in any resolution (including non-HD resolutions), this announcement has the potential to spur the sort of rejuvenating modernization that will ultimately mean widespread adoption of HD-capable television sets.

The government often lets "deadlines" like this slide, but if they hold fast then perhaps we'll finally be able to write a blog entry here on Joystiq without some nutty neo-Luddite flaming us for pushing HD when his black-and-white 14"-inch works just fine, thank you very much.

[Via HDBeat]