Scott HensonSpeaking with Kikizo Games, Xbox's Director of the Game Technology Group, Scott Henson, had his doubts about Sony's claim that PS3 games will feature 'full HD' (1080p resolution): "I think 1080p, just to address that directly, will be basically impossible. I think if you talk to any developer they will tell you that they will not have a performing game at 1080p."

Switching gears, Henson addressed the backlog of requests focused on improving the Xbox 360's Dashboard functionality — specifically, improving the music player and implementing background downloading. While Henson declined to give us the clear-cut answer we've all been waiting for, he did confirm that "the capability [to upgrade these features] is there." Henson also added that the Xbox team has considered adding video streaming capabilities for non-Media Center users.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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