Oh boy, this is a great time of year. Out with the old and in with the new. There are tons of new HDTVs from major manufactures just now becoming available. Panasonic is leading the way with their new Viera plamsa now available at Best Buy's and Circuit City's. (No, that 58-incher is not yet available.)

Oh it doesn't stop there boys and girls. It looks like Sony's new line of high res' LCDs are also just now becoming available. Samsung has a sweet new lineup of larger LCDs that have been spotted and their LED DLPs are suppose to become availible in April...who knows if that is going to happen though.

The four of us cannot do this by ourselves though and need your help. Drop us a comment if you have a sighting of a brand spanking new HDTV. Oh boy, we love this...new HDTVS!!!

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