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New Oracom UB-890 DAP


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Yeah, we've never heard of them either, but apparently Oracom has a successor to their UB-880 DAP of yore. This new UB-890 is quite the looker, and manages a good bit of color screen for a player this size. It looks about twice as thick as a nano, but beyond that we're really at a loss for tech specs. Just suffice it to know that wherever you are, it will never come to your country, and it will never support your codecs, and it probably smells funny. Feel better now? No? Well, its predecessor, the UB-880, was a flash based number with fairly decent codec support, capacities ranging from 512MB-2GB, video support, FM and voice recording and 16 hours of battery. So along those lines, the UB-890 will probably hit 4GB and hold onto the rest. No word on price or availability, but that probably won't matter unless you're living in Korea.

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