It was a long day for the Boy Genius, but dude hooked Engadget Mobile up with a veritable cornucopia of launch plans for Cingular, including releases for the Motorola KRZR (aka Canary), V3i, HTC Hermes and StarTrek, the new BlackBerry Stealth, the Treo Nitro and Treo Lennon, HP iPAQ hw6920/25, and Nokia E62. Go check 'em out over at Engadget Mobile, you won't be sorry.

Treo Nitro and Treo Lennon coming to Cingular in October
The Boy Genius Report: BlackBerry Stealth
The Boy Genius Report: Canary is KRZR, getting launched September
The Boy Genius Report: Cingular snags Motorola V3i, Sony Ericsson w810
The Boy Genius Report: HTC Hermes & StarTrek, and iPAQ hw6920 coming to US
Nokia E62 to drop for $599/$399 in September/October

Nokia E62 to drop for $299/$199 in September/October