GameTrailers does the "top ten" thing and rattles off their list of the "Top Ten Game Weapons." But they didn't just go around giving honors to any old weapon willy-nilly. They stipulated, "flaming fireballs and magic spells are out, but blowing things up is definitely in." Their understandably FPS-heavy list breaks down like this:
  • 10. Cerebral Bore (Turok 2 & 3): Turok 3 was a bore, amirite?
  • 9. Chainsaw (Doom): did they ever figure out why there was a chainsaw on Mars?
  • 8. Spreadgun (Contra): you don't use the spreadgun, do you? Wuss ...
  • 7. Railgun (Quake 2): the do-it-yourself super weapon of hobbyists everywhere.
  • 6. Laptop Gun (Perfect Dark Zero): gets the "remember when this game was good?" nod.
  • 5. Energy Sword (Halo 2): you cheap bastard.
  • 4. Ice Beam (Metroid): the retro, non-FPS Metroid vote (not that Retro).
  • 3. BFG (Doom): the granddaddy of all big fuckin' guns.
  • 2. Red Turtle Shell (Mario Kart): the dark horse weapon of the list, and a proven way to destroy a friendship.
  • 1. Gravity Gun (Half-Life 2): alright, we gotta give it to them, the gravity gun is some serious weaponry.
Undoubtedly, some of you are boiling over with rage that _______ wasn't included! Though the Joystiq staffers don't agree on much ("tastes great" ... "no, less filling") we did unite in our disappointment regarding the omission of Mario's mushroom-mushing derrière. Want to relive all those soft-focus memories with these weapons of mass enjoyment? Check out the full video embedded after the break.

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