BenQ-Siemens goes girly with EF61 Mia Special Edition

If the lack of a built-in compact mirror was turning you off from Philips' 588, BenQ-Siemens has you covered with the just-launched EF61 "Mia Special Edition." Besides the mirror and the phone's artsy shell, you'll get a 1.3 megapixel shooter, microSD slot, and "5 Minutes to Fabulous," an app that apparently guides you through the process of applying makeup in (you guessed it) five minutes. Running £99.99 (about $180) when it drops in September, we can see this gussied-up EF61 appealing to a few members of the fairer sex -- but if you really have to rely on your phone to put your face on, we suspect you might come away sorely disappointed.