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Treo 700wx already here, videos already out

Ryan Block, @ryan

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We didn't even have a chance to hook you peeps up with the latest video of the new Treo 700wx that's been circulating around the internets, and already did Palm decid to loose 'em on the unsuspecting QWERTY addicts of the LA metro area -- however undoubtedly unintentionally. It seems at least one Palm retail store in SoCal is already stocking 700wxs, according to Gadgets on the Go: the Palm Retail store at The Grove (the very same one we happened upon not a few weeks back; kind of quaint, smooshed next to a L'Occitane) supposedly already has stock in store ready for sale, which means it's probably not unfair to assume other stores might have them as well. Now, whether you'll be able to get them to sell you the devices as easily is another question entirely, but for those without a Palm retail store nearby, it's not unfair to assume you'll be able to get one at a regular carrier outlet in the very, very near future.

Update: We're getting reports that the device will go for $619, $649, and will see release August 31st -- in other words, we aren't yet 100% of anything, but as before, expect it shortly, and probably in the $600 range.

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