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Sangean announces HDT-1, HDR-1 HD radios

Cyrus Farivar

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Like any relatively nascent sector of the gadget world, things generally start out being expensive and then pretty much follow some version of their own Moore's Law, dropping in price and increasing in value. The new Sangean line of HD Radios is no different -- the company is giving its competitors a high-def run for their money. Now if you're saying to yourself, "but this tabletop HD radio isn't really going to fit in my home entertainment altar," Sangean has another product for you, its HDT-1 Component Tuner (peep the mock-up on the next page). It'll stack nicely with your pyramid of other devices and includes a line-out (RCA), but many of the other features (even its weight?) remain "undisclosed." What is disclosed, however, is the price, which Sangean is putting at "under $200" -- that's PR-speak for $199. The slimmed down (and more expensive, at "under $250") version is the HDR-1 Tabletop Radio (pictured above), which is a good $100 less than the last tabletop HD radio that we saw. It's got all the normal features that you'd expect on a radio of this caliber, including S/PDIF, aux-in, multi-cast capability, and something called an "Alarm w/Humane Wake System." Most editors here at Engadget are woken rather inhumanely, so we'd love to find out what Sangean's created. Sadly we'll have to wait until the company discloses more information about the radios' availability, as all it's said for now is that they'll be available "for the 2006 holiday season" -- we're counting down to Black Friday.

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