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Toshiba recalls 340,000 Satellite, Dynabook batteries

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Aight everybody, we've got a fresh one comin' through here. Sony's faulty cells apparently made their way into Toshiba Satellite and Dynabook machines -- apparently about 340,000 units in all -- which are being recalled. (For reference, thus far we've racked up Apple, Dell, and Panasonic.) The upshot is that according to Toshiba, no one's been hurt and no explosions have been caused by their machines (yet). Unfortunately not much other information is readily available at this time, but we'll be sure to hit you back with the exact models, dates, cell identification numbers, and the rest before somebody's Satellite falls out of orbit and we get massive guilt complexes for not doing our duty as servants to the battery-using public.

[Thanks, Dave]

Thanks to everybody for the submitted link on Toshiba's site, but it looks like the company has still yet to get together a page outlining how the recall will work and which batteries it will affect. Stay tuned!

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