Small study adds fuel to Nintendo's casual gamer fire

A new study commissioned by casual game developer PopCap Games has found that 66% of the estimated 150 million consumers that play casual games are old (or young depending how old you are); over 50 to be exact. The study noted that the majority of older gamers prefer playing titles -- often daily -- for mental workout, stress relief, even pain distraction.

GameDaily reports: "With all the talk recently of broadening the audience for video games, publishers would be wise to keep in mind that people over the age of 50 like to be entertained and play games too. There's such a strong focus on the 18-34 demographic that game companies could be missing out on a real opportunity to bring in older players."

Gamers with more purchasing power as well. The study randomly polled 2,000+ online respondents including the dancing duo you see pictured.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.